Embrace your desire to travel and catapult your career

Twenty Ten Talent - Embrace your desire to travel and catapult your career

There comes that spark in every career woman’s life, where she get a whiff of something that brings a need to see other lands, waters, cultures, and people. Could it be the desire to travel? And what is it about travel that heightens a woman’s career?

Your ability to use travel, as a weapon of success, comes in handy. For those who have yet to understand the significance of travel to your success and personal development, here are a few ways travel can help you take your career to the next level.

1. World intelligence
One of the most beautiful aspects of travel, for the career woman, is your increased understanding of the outside world – outside of your city, and outside of your country.

That means you are more likely to hold longer, and more interesting, conversations with possible clients or bosses. You have something more to say than highlighting what happened on last night’s TV series. A woman who is well versed on the international scene stands out. It shows the degree to which you can adapt to different environments.

2. Self-exploration
Traveling is truly a healer. Getting away from the office for a little while can create a new awakening. Perhaps, you begin to discover things about yourself that you never knew? A new interest, a new vision, or even a new passion to add to your current work.

Sometimes getting away means that you decide it’s time to start over, change your career, or even change your location. Having peace of mind, relaxation, and rejuvenation from the hectic workplace allows inner calmness; hinting of a possibility to bring that peace to the office.

3. International marketing
Climbing the ladder of success starts with expanding. One of the best ways to ensure this is to travel. In the world of travel, you never know who you end up meeting or who could give you your next break.

Plant your seeds in other nations, and later, you could see the fruits of your labor blossom overseas, adding an international component to your career spectrum.

4. World traveler
Just think how exciting it would be to become a world traveler. Becoming a woman who can move not only boosts self-confidence, but makes you stronger.

Knowing that the world is your plate, tasting whatever culture that welcomes you is a real delight. A career woman with a sense of international freedom is a successful one.

Traveling shows the beauties of having a purpose – a purpose in life, love, and our careers. Take every opportunity you have to explore and travel well.


Post by Lauren K. Clark

Lauren K. Clark is a published writer from Atlanta, Georgia and a graduate of Spelman College. Lauren is currently based in Egypt, where she is a graduate student at the American University in Cairo and serves as a project coordinator for the University On the Square: Documenting Egypt’s 25th of January Revolution.

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