Part 3: 50 TED talks by 50 talented black women

Twenty Ten Talent post on 50 TED talks by 50 talented black women

This is part three of our series of five posts sharing TED talks by fifty talented black women from across the globe.

21. THANDIE NEWTON | TEDGlobal 2011
Actor Thandie Newton tells the story of finding her “otherness” — first, as a child growing up in two distinct cultures, and then as an actor playing with many different selves.

22. MINNA SALAMI | TEDxBrixton
To change the world, change your illusions. Writer Minna Salami shares images of women from around the world, highlighting how out of touch the stereotypes are from reality. She tells powerful stories of her diverse grandmothers whose lives have shaped hers and of how images of African women in the West do not represent the experiences of her own friends and family. And how, very simply, African women like the same things as women everywhere.

Re-imaging wealth in global media. Feminist media scholar Tara Wilkinson discusses the relationship between gender and the media.

I am the change. Peninah Nthenya Musyimi was born and raised in the Mathare slums of Nairobi. She decided to change the course of her life with perseverance, letting herself be guided by the words “always look for possibilities within your reach.”

Innovation Through Art – The Preposition Problematic. Thelma Golden, the director and chief curator of The Studio Museum in Harlem, talks about the arts as a catalyst of transformation for a community.

From “devil’s child” to star ballerina. Born Mabinty Bangura in 1995, Michaela DePrince had many identities. One of them was “devil’s child” thanks to her vitiligo. Michaela grew up as an orphan in Sierra Leone during the civil war. The story of De Prince is one of hard work, suffering, heartache and loss, but it’s also one of achievement, love, joy and daring to dream.

27. SHAKIRAH BOURNE | TEDxBridgetown
The curse of the starving artist. Shakirah Bourne is a Barbadian writer, owner of freelance writing and editing company, getWrite! and a partner in Caribbean film production company, Let’s Do This Filmz.

Defy Impossible. Kimberly Bryant founded Black Girls Code to introduce programming and technology to a new generation of coders; coders who will become builders of technological innovation and of their own futures.

29. ZAIN ASHER | TEDxEuston
Trust your struggle. CNN Anchor Zain Asher discusses how to harness your success.

30. ALLYSON HOBBS | TEDxStanford
The chosen exile of racial “passing.” Allyson Hobbs teaches American and African American history at Stanford. Her first book, A Chosen Exile: A History of Racial Passing in American Life, examines the phenomenon of racial passing in the United States from the late 18th century to the present.

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