Part 4: 50 TED talks by 50 talented black women

Twenty Ten Talent shares 50 TED talks by 50 talented black women

This is part four of our series of five posts sharing TED talks by fifty talented black women from across the globe.

31. HANNAH POOL | TEDxEuston
Discovering myself while discovering Erithrea. Journalist and author Hannah Pool shares her story of discovery, rediscovery and self-discovery before, during and after a journey which took her back to her origins in Erithrea for the first time.

Innovation to sanitation through empathic design. When an industrial designer, Jasmine Burton, takes an empathic approach to a problem, the result can improve millions of lives. One such breakthrough is restoring dignity and hope to many who live in countries with little or no sanitation measures.

33. KAKENYA NTAIYA | TEDxMidAtlantic
A girl who demanded school. Kakenya Ntaiya made a deal with her father: She would undergo the traditional Maasai rite of passage of female circumcision if he would let her go to high school. Ntaiya tells the fearless story of continuing on to college, and of working with her village elders to build a school for girls in her community.

34. MAHLET AFEWORK | TEDxPlaceDesNations
Ancient tradition / modern fashion. Mahlet Afework is a fashion designer based in Addis Ababa. She discusses how the combination of ancient designs, traditional skills and a modern approach to fashion and entrepreneurship can lift women out of poverty and bring African fashion into the limelight.

Finding my calling. Fadekemi Akinfaderin-Agarau discontinued a career in medicine and left the United States after a life changing experience working as a HIV researcher in South Africa. She is a co-founder of Education as a Vaccine, a non-profit organization that builds and implements innovative programs to improve the quality of life of vulnerable children and young people in Nigeria.

Using mobiles to rekindle learning. Rapelang Rabana, Founder & CEO Rekindle Learning, believes in using mobile technology to re-imagine learning by creating interactive, personalized and adaptive learning platforms that produce data and transparently show levels of knowledge retention.

Could we cure HIV with lasers? TED Fellow Patience Mthunzi explains her idea to use lasers to deliver drugs directly to cells infected with HIV.

38. SAEEDA WRIGHT | TEDxConcordiaUPortland
The ultimate selfie – love. Vocalist and Portland native Saeeda “MaMa Sae” Wright shares her story on overcoming a sense of failure.

39. ORY OKOLLOH | TEDGlobal 2007
How I became an activist. Ory Okolloh tells the story of her life and her family — and how she came to do her heroic work reporting on the doings of Kenya’s parliament.

40. SADA MIRE|TEDxEuston
Cultural heritage: a basic human need. Somalian archaeologist Sada Mire discusses cultural heritage, African history, archaeological research and her career journey as the founder and executive director of the Horn Heritage Organization.

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