Toptal launches scholarships for female developers

Twenty Ten Talent - Toptal launches scholarships for female developers

Are you working towards pursuing a career as a software engineer? Toptal, the leading network of freelance software developers, wants to help make that happen. The Silicon Valley company has introduced the Toptal Scholarships for Female Developers, designed to support women who aspire to become professional software developers.

Founded in 2010, Toptal is one the fastest-growing and most innovative companies to emerge from Silicon Valley. With backing from Andreessen Horowitz, Silicon Valley’s famed venture capital firm and Adam D’Angelo, founder of Quora, Toptal connects elite freelance software engineers from around the world to blue chip firms such as JP Morgan and Pfizer, and tech companies such as Airbnb and Zendesk.

Toptal is currently welcoming women from across the world, of any education level, to apply to win one of 12 scholarships over the course of this year. Winners will receive a $5,000 scholarship and weekly one-on-one technical training and mentorship from a Toptal senior software engineer.

Twenty Ten Talent - Toptal

“Countless studies have shown that teams with a greater diversity of backgrounds and opinions consistently perform better and drive more innovation,” explains Toptal COO and co-founder Breanden Beneschott. “We’re extremely intent on building the most innovative, talented network in the world, and building a more gender diverse community is critical towards being able to accomplish that.”

Scholarship recipients can use the money in any way that helps pursue their ambitions to become software engineers. Example uses include helping to pay for tuition, to covering the cost of courses, or paying yourself a salary while you work on an open source project or start-up.

“We’re committed to improving the number of women in our freelance network and across the tech industry,” says Anna Chiara Bellini, director of engineering at Toptal. “We want to better the professional stance of women in technology, and providing women with great mentorship opportunities is a first step in the right direction.”

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