7 smart questions to ask at the end of a job interview

Twenty Ten Talent - 7 smart questions to ask at the end of a job interview

When prepping for a job interview it’s easy to focus on how to handle the questions you expect to come your way. Even if you’ve spent time relentlessly researching the role, the company and your interviewer it’s advantageous to also prep a couple of smart questions you should pose.

Your interviewer is more than likely to ask “do you have any questions?” Don’t miss the opportunity to make a positive impression. It doesn’t matter if your burning questions have been answered during the interview, use the opportunity to demonstrate you’re a fantastic candidate by sharing a few thoughtful questions.

Here are seven smart questions to keep in mind for your next job interview:

  • Can you tell me what you’ve enjoyed the most about working here?
  • What could I implement to make this team even more successful?
  • What would you need me to accomplish in the first 3 months?
  • What is the company’s approach to evaluating performance?
  • What are the next steps in the interview process?
  • Is there anyone else you would like me to meet with?
  • Is there anything else I can provide to help you make your decision?

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