How to bounce back from a bad interview

Twenty Ten Talent - How to bounce back from a bad interview

We’ve all been there. You stumble across a great role, complete the application, keep your fingers crossed and celebrate when you get the call to interview. You do your research, are raring to go and then somehow, unexpectedly, the interview goes sideways.

A bad interview can feel devastating but remember, it doesn’t mean you can’t do the role in question. Bad interviews happen to the strongest candidates.

Even the worst experiences can yield really important learning opportunities. Treat it as a stepping stone. If you were nervous or couldn’t answer a key question, learn from the experience and you will be better equipped for your next interview. Assess what you can take from the situation and then apply those insights to your next job opportunity.

While the pressure is always on the candidate it can be easy to forget an interview is also a chance for you to assess how you feel about the company. If the interview didn’t pan out the way you expected be thankful to have that insight, even if the experience was a negative one. How a company conducts interviews gives you a direct insight into their culture and leadership. Most companies do not invest significant amounts of time in training employees on how to be good interviewers. This can result in poor interview experiences for reasons beyond your own control.

Regardless of how the interview panned out, don’t forget to follow up with your interviewer to thank them for their time. Their perspective may be different to yours and you don’t know how your interview compared to other candidates in the running. A thank you note is also a great way to remind your interviewer about your strengths.

Finally, leave a bad interview in the past and move on. Practice makes perfect so don’t let it derail your job search or knock your confidence. You will bounce back if you believe in yourself and focus on your strengths as you move on to the next opportunity.


Post by Octavia Goredema @OctaviaGoredema

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