I Choose The Ladder interviews Octavia Goredema of Twenty Ten Talent

If podcasts are your thing add I Choose The Ladder to your playlist. Created by Watchen Nyanue, I Choose the Ladder is the first podcast to give an uncensored look into the personal journeys of black women executives who have shattered the glass ceiling.

I had the honor of being interviewed for Episode 14, which you can listen to here. Watchen and I discussed my career path in corporate America, the most common career coaching questions I’m asked to answer, and how to conquer fear to find your worth.

I had a lot of fun and I’m super thankful for the opportunity to share what I do here at Twenty Ten Talent. A special shout out to Watchen, who has literally moved mountains to put together a stellar season.



Post by Octavia Goredema 
Octavia Goredema is an award-winning career coach, writer and the founder of Twenty Ten Talent. You can connect with her on LinkedIn or over on Twitter.

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