How to earn the respect of your colleagues

Twenty Ten Talent - How to earn the respect of your colleagues

It can be easy to focus on cultivating a relationship with your boss, but earning the respect of your colleagues is just as valuable. According to a recent survey by Harvard Business Review, half of employees don’t feel respected by their bosses. If you want to get ahead, your reputation among your peers is just as important as how your boss perceives you.

Here are 6 tips on how to earn the respect of your colleagues.

1. Lead by example
Consistently do your best work with a positive attitude. People will notice. If this is becomes your trait you’ll quickly build a solid reputation for delivering results AND being a great person to work with.

2. Follow through
Do what you say you will do. It’s that simple. People who don’t follow through will quickly lose the trust of their team.

3. Solve problems
It can be easy to complain about what’s wrong with your project/your employer/life in general but the people who command the most respect are those who see issues and solve them.

4. Recognize the work of others
Take the time to recognize someone else’s achievement and don’t withhold credit from colleagues who deserve it.

5. Avoid gossip
In some workplaces this can be next to impossible, however constant gossipers rarely command the respect of anyone. Sidestepping gossip will enhance your reputation as someone who isn’t interested in wasting time or energy on workplace drama.

6. Respect other people’s time
This includes being on time for meetings, responding to emails in a timely manner and ensuring to meet deadlines. Again, people will notice, and it will be appreciated.


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