How to blitz the back to work blues

Blitz the back to work blues - Twenty Ten Talent

The holidays are done and dusted, we’ve blown through our December paychecks, celebrations are a wrap and we’re facing the back to work blues. But, with a little preparation, heading back to work doesn’t need to be totally daunting.

Prep your to do list in advance
Review your calendar before you head back and create a to-do list so there aren’t any nasty surprises. Prioritize the most important tasks and get those out of the way first as soon as you are back.

Get lots of sleep
The holiday period is an exhausting time, even if you’ve had time off. Try heading to bed a little earlier so you can feel as refreshed as possible before heading back to work.

Shake it up
January is a great time to analyze your schedule over the past year. Were you oversleeping too often, or working late to work too many times to remember? Take time to reflect on whether your habits are working for you, and if not, make some changes. Even little things such as waking up 20 minutes earlier or laying out clothes the night before can make a huge difference.

Pick out your favorite clothing
Researchers have found we’re more likely to attach emotions to clothes and what we wear can directly affect our mood. This doesn’t mean though you have to go out and buy new things. Instead, lay out your favorite clothing and accessories ready for your first week back at work to give you a subliminal boost.

Put something exciting on the calendar
If everything on your to-do-list looks bleak, plan the perfect antidote and schedule something to look forward to in your first week back. A small treat or arranging a get together with friends can be a great incentive to look forward to.


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