How to avoid feeling crushed by your commute

Twenty Ten Talent - How to avoid feeling crushed by your commute

A long commute to work can be a super stressful way to start and end your day. If moving closer isn’t an option here are five ideas for how to make the start and end of your day a bit more bearable.

Find new roads
If you drive to work Waze will be your salvation. The free app uses real time data to pick the fastest route to get you to your desk on time. Waze will take you on routes you may never have tried. Trust me, the element of surprise combined with getting to work exactly when Waze says you will is a totally pleasant way to start the day.

Curate content
Use your commuting time to listen to something new and inspiring. Maybe it’s a new mixtape you create on a weekly basis for your journey or a fun podcast or a new audio book. Your journey will seem shorter if you’re listening to something you enjoy.

Mix it up
Explore if there are options you don’t usually use that you can try such as ridesharing, carpooling or other forms of public transport. Also, just varying the time you start your commute to work or commute home can make a big difference.

Don’t rush
Give yourself plenty of time to get to work and to get home from work so you’re not racing against the clock. If the journey home is horrendous and you don’t have kids to pick up or other commitments, just slow down and take your time. Instead of working late for the sake of it take a detour. Research places you can check out before you make your way home and make time to do something different.

Plan something fun
Use your commuting time to plan something fun to do after your commute ends. It could be picking up your favorite snack on your way into work or planning which friends you’ll catch up with after you get home. Even something as simple as making a mental note of something nice to do later can be motivating.

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