Ellevest launches free investing guide for women

Ellevest launches the go-getter's guide to investing

Here’s the problem. We live longer than men, make less money than men, take career breaks, and pay more for comparable products. In short, women have less money than men.

Most women don’t invest their money as much as men do, leading to a gender investing gap. Ellevest, a digital investment advisor, wants to correct this, by helping more of us become informed and confident about how to invest.

The Go-Getter’s Guide to Investing: 5 Things You Need to Know was created by Ellevest to share the basics. It highlights examples of how different women with different lives might approach investing and includes a quick glossary of terms to fend off mansplainers at cocktail parties.

Written by Ellevest CEO Sallie Krawcheck, The Go-Getter’s Guide to Investing is a free click-through guide that clears away all the jargon and stuff you don’t need to know, and focuses on the five most important things about investing. The Guide provides real world examples to help you take control of your finances and get back to the rest of your life.

Grab your copy here ellevest.com/how-to-start-investing

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