10 jobs we’ll be applying for in 10 years time

Twenty Ten Talent - 10 jobs we’ll be applying for in 10 years time

The Future Laboratory has teamed up with Microsoft Surface to explore the new careers students will be targeting by 2026.

The Tomorrow Jobs report examines the creative careers of the future based on the fact 65% of today’s school students will be doing jobs that don’t exist today. The study identifies ten new job categories along with the skills students will need to future proof their careers.

Here are 10 jobs graduates will be applying for within a decade.

1. Space Junk Archaeologist
Spacejunk Archaeologists will locate and explore debris orbiting our planet. These specialists will conduct guided tours of abandoned spacecraft and defunct satellites, while also collecting, archiving and deciphering each recovered item.

2. Memory Storage Specialist
By the late 2020s, software-brain interfaces, pioneered by teams of neuroscientists, will have started to enter the mainstream, allowing mass audiences to read and capture thoughts, memories and dreams. Memory Storage Specialists will help people to use these systems to increase the storage capacity of their over-stretched minds, providing services that allow them to dip in and out of treasured memories and experiences at will.

3. Rewilding Strategist
Natural ecosystems will be stretched to their limits by 2025 as our world tries to cope with 9 billion humans living in resource-hungry mega-cities. Rewilding Strategists will reintroduce plants and animals that have been extinct in a region for centuries and manage assisted migrations in the face of advancing climate change.

4. Battery Innovator
One of the main barriers to a completely sustainable energy infrastructure will be the struggle to store power for the days when the wind doesn’t blow or the sun doesn’t shine. Battery Innovators will combine elements and organic materials to invent new battery storage capabilities, for on and off-grid use.

5. Human Parts Designer
Over the next two decades, bio-engineering advances will extend the average healthy human life to 100+ years as the growth of replacement tissues and organs becomes an everyday and affordable proposition. Human Parts Designers will combine a design aesthetic and skill set with bio-engineering know-how to create a huge range of customised human limbs, either to perfectly match the existing skin tone, musculature and colour of the rest of a person’s body, or to provide new fashionable looks or enhanced functionality for particular jobs or sports.

6. Virtual Habitat Designer
By 2025, tens of millions of us will be spending large chunks of our lives working, playing, travelling and socialising inside virtual reality environments so immersive, interactive and realistic that they will be almost indistinguishable from the real world. Many members of future generations of architects and interior designers will spend their careers building entirely in cyberspace.

7. Ethical Technology Advocate
Over the next decade, the long-awaited era of the robots will dawn. A combination of exponentially increasing computing power combined with breakthroughs in artificial intelligence technology will see robotic personal assistants, manual labour technicians and customer service representatives begin to be integrated into everyday life.

8. Digital Cultural Commentator
Tomorrow’s Generation Z audiences will think visual first in their engagement with culture. By 2025, an ability to speak a shared visual language will be vital to connect academic experts and the increasingly influential social media mavens who help mass audiences to discover and enjoy the arts.

9. Freelance Biohacker
By 2025, the field of medicine will become the latest field to crowdsource innovative solutions to everything from new vaccines to genetic modification.

10. Internet of Things Data Creative
By 2025, tens of billions of connected consumer products will form a global Internet of Things generating a tsunami of real-time data. Clothing brands will communicate to consumers through smart tags, vending machines will alert re-stockers, and greater industrial automation will be achieved.


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