Five things to know this week

This week we’ve been discussing the depressing study into the career paths of black women who attain MBAs at Harvard.

It’s Oscars week and as part of countdown we’re celebrating black women in Hollywood. In between we’ve been learning about artificial intelligence, developing in Java and building a career in tech from Ruth Yakubu of Microsoft.

Finally, we’re getting ready for a busy week ahead of International Women’s Day events, and of course, still talking about Wakanda.

Here’s this week’s round up of five things to know.

A Harvard MBA isn’t enough to reach the corner office

When we saw this research study our hearts sank. Even with a MBA from Harvard, black women are failing to reach the most senior ranks in corporate America. According to new research published in Harvard Business Review only 13% of black female Harvard MBAs over the last 40 years have reached the senior-most executive ranks. That’s compared with 40% of non-African-American Harvard MBA degree holders who reach those top ranks.

Our mission at Twenty Ten Talent is to help black women accelerate their careers. We want to engage with individuals and companies who are committed to making that happen by working together to share career opportunities, resources and strategies for success. If you’re reading this and would like to partner with us please do get in touch –

Ruth Yakubu discusses her work as a developer at Microsoft

We’re always excited when we see whip smart women who we admire. This week we’ve been watching this career interview with Ruth Yakubu, a Cloud Developer Advocate in Java and AI at Microsoft. Ruth discusses how an initial plan to pursue a career in medicine gave way to a burgeoning career in tech.

We had the pleasure of hanging out with Ruth in New York last week before she flew to Zurich to speak at a developer conference. You can also find Ruth on Twitter and YouTube.

Celebrating Black Women in Hollywood ahead of the Oscars

Yes, it’s that time of year all over again. We can’t wait to see who wears what, who wins big and if who makes major or minor slip ups while on stage. As part of the Oscars week long build up, the Black Women in Hollywood Awards Luncheon hosted by Essence magazine on March 1 honored Lena Waithe, Danai Gurira, Tessa Thompson and Tiffany Haddish.

The University of Oxford recognizes women making an impact

We’re getting ready to head to the UK for a week of events as part of International Women’s Day. Twenty Ten Talent’s founder Octavia Goredema is the guest speaker at UN Women’s National Committee Student Champion Program on March 6, hosted at the University of Oxford.

Octavia will also be a panelist at an International Women’s Day event at the University of Oxford on March 8, where leading figures from business, the arts and education will lead this discussion on the status of gender equality.

Wakanda forever

Like the rest of the planet we saw and loved Marvel’s Black Panther. Experts are now projecting it’s likely to cross the magical $1 billion mark at the worldwide box office.

This week we’re saluting Frederick Joseph, a marketer in New York who set up the initial “Black Panther” Challenge fundraiser in Harlem in January to help kids see the groundbreaking movie. It proved so popular the challenge went global and so far has raised nearly $800,000 for kids in 50 countries to experience Wakanda.

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