#BAME 20/20 plans to accelerate the marketing, media and communications leaders of the future

Twenty Ten Talent - woman in marketing

#BAME20/20 is a new initiative designed to encourage young people from black, Asian and minority ethnic backgrounds to pursue careers in marketing, media and communications. Conceived in London, recruitment firm f1 search and The Sizzle Marketing Agency have partnered with leading industry professionals to unveil #BAME20/20 – Meet the Changemakers.

Co-founder Amanda Fone, CEO of f1 recruitment and f1 search, wants to attract, retain and grow talented professionals who are being squeezed out before they reach a leadership role.

“Shockingly in the second decade of the 21st century it is still possible to go to a leading marketing or communications industry event and only see a handful of black or Asian faces in the room,” Amanda Fone states. “In today’s society, it’s beyond time we pulled together as an industry to redress this imbalance and look to attract, retain and grow when it comes to securing diverse talent.”

Twenty Ten Talent - BAME 2020

#BAME20/20 will mentor and advise talented professionals, with a view to guiding the marketing directors, communications directors and agency CEOs of the future. The aim is for black, Asian and minority ethnic talent to represent 20% of professionals entering the industry and 20% of leadership roles in the U.K.

If you want to get involved you don’t have to be located in the U.K. Co-founder Amanda Fone tells us “the program is for like-minded people across the globe who want to shake a few trees and change the status quo.”

Find out more at f1search.com/f1-sizzle-bame-20-20


Post by Octavia Goredema @OctaviaGoredema

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