Could your male coworkers survive a day in heels?

Twenty Ten Talent - Could your male coworkers survive a day in heels

This is a question that crosses my mind on an almost daily basis. Of course, the answer is not a chance. I can barely survive a day in heels, as proven earlier this week when the heel on my favorite pair of stilettos snapped in two while I was trying to cross the street… The fact we can make it through the day in constricting footwear and still knock our epic to-do-lists out of the park is a living miracle that only a woman can attest to.

So, when I happened to stumble across Thesis Couture I was intrigued. Billed as the world’s first high performance stiletto, Thesis Couture is a startup that aims to shake up our work day, starting with what we put on our feet.

Using advanced materials and engineering the company is creating 4 inch stilettos that feel and function like 3 inch wedges. Instead of a metal rod, or shank, Thesis Couture build their shoes around a patented internal architecture made of high grade polymers. Created by a team of designers and engineered by NASA and MIT female scientists, the patented design redistributes load, minimizes impact shock, and reduces fatigue.

Twenty Ten Talent - Thesis Couture

On March 22, the company will release 1,000 pairs of shoes, offered in two colors, for a 48-hour period. We’re totally loving the look book of stilettos inspired by a collection of formidable women including Maya Angelou, Michelle Obama, Misty Copeland and Serena Williams.


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