Adzuna’s new resume tool shows what your skills could be worth

Looking to make your next career move but not sure what your skills and experience could be worth? Help is at hand. Adzuna, the fastest growing international job search engine, has released a free tool called ValueMyResume.

The AI-based, data driven service tells you how much your skills and experience are worth, based on your resume. The ValueMyResume tool uses Adzuna’s salary estimate technology combined with hundreds of thousands of real resumes to crunch the data.

Upload your resume and you’ll uncover an estimated salary based on over a hundred different aspects of your resume including work experience, job titles, academic background and location. Even better, ValueMyResume provides automated resume improvement suggestions, potential career paths that fit your skills and personalized job matches.

Adzuna was founded in 2011 by Andrew Hunter and Doug Monro, two former eBay executives, with the mission to be the best place to start looking for a job. We talked to Adzuna’s CEO Doug Monro to get his insider tips on how to get the salary you deserve.

What inspired you to launch Adzuna?
While working together at eBay and Gumtree in 2005, Andrew and I shared a passion for continuously improving the user journey. After spending years working on other online classifieds businesses, we identified a gap in the way people searched and applied for jobs.

We knew we could make job search better and spotted an opportunity to create a new and different search engine to help people regain control of their careers. Andrew and I hatched out the Adzuna plan in 2010 on the back of an envelope in a central London pub. Adzuna’s search engine for Jobs launched in the UK in July 2011, and has gone from strength to strength ever since, rolling out operations in 16 global markets and the development of exciting and innovative new tools like ValueMyResume.

Perfecting your resume is really hard. What advice would you give to someone who is at the early stages of their career and wants to make their resume more impactful?
The first step towards success is being informed. Adzuna allows job hunters to get armed for action with real-time job market info, allowing them to easily see hiring trends and average advertised salaries in their location or preferred industry. ValueMyResume goes a step further by helping them understand what their individual skills and experience is worth, and gives them handy hints to get their resume battle ready.

In multiple states across America it’s becoming illegal to ask candidates what they currently earn. Based on this, what advice would you give to our readers who are job hunting on how to handle salary negotiation?
Whether you’re a recent college grad or a C-level executive, for most, salary negotiations can be challenging. A candidate can run the risk of coming off as expensive or even worse, undervaluing their skills. The great thing about ValueMyResume is that it analyzes what your skills and experience are worth to your next employer, not what you are currently being paid, making it an ideal tool for job hunters to arm themselves for the salary negotiation process, without the need to ever reference existing pay packets.

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