New Year, new job! How to prepare for a job hunt

New Year, new job - Twenty Ten Talent

If your list of New Year resolutions includes landing an exciting new job you are certainly not alone. But before you rush to rewrite your resume take time to mentally prepare for what lies ahead with these quick and easy steps.

Carve out time
Determine how much time you will devote to your job hunt and block it out on your calendar. Create an action plan with activities that can take you closer to your job hunting goal, whether it’s polishing your resume, reaching out to contacts, setting up informational interviews or allocating a set time of day to review job postings.

Line up your references
Don’t forget to identify a list of references in advance. It’s always smart to reach out to potential references – who don’t work at your current company – early on. Let them know you are exploring opportunities, find out if they would consider providing a reference in the future and don’t forget to ask if there’s anything you can help them with in return.

Be professional
This goes without saying, but if you are already working don’t neglect your current position while you start the process of job hunting. It can be easy to mentally switch-off but you should continue to do your best work and cultivate relationships. You never know where your current colleagues will end up or who may be asked to provide a perspective on your work.

Don’t be too hard on yourself
Job hunting is exhausting, frustrating and unrewarding until you stumble across an opening at a company you admire for the role of your dreams. Then, after that initial euphoria you’re on to the next hurdle as you work through the application, interviews and waiting stages. It’s a rollercoaster of emotions, but regardless of the stage you find yourself at do everything you can to remain positive. Always remember you’re on the right track to find something great.

Be patient
Remember landing a great job is pretty much like finding a great partner. It takes time to find exactly what you are looking for and even longer to lock down a job offer that’s just right. This can be hard, especially if you want that new role right now, but try to maintain some perspective and try to be as objective as possible. Waiting for feedback on an application or waiting to hear about an interview can feel like eternity, but keep yourself busy and remember its all part of the process.


Post by Octavia Goredema @OctaviaGoredema

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