LinkedIn breaks down the highest paying jobs in America

Want to know how your career choice compares to other industries across the country? If you’re prone to jealousy, maybe look away now. LinkedIn has pulled data from more than two million members for this year’s State of Salary Report and the results are fascinating.

The research dives in to examine how salaries vary across America by job title, education level, field of study, location, company size, and industry.

Unsurprisingly the highest paying jobs are in medicine, but did you know orthopaedic surgeons take the top spot with a salary of $450,000? Doctors account for eight of the top 20 highest-paying jobs listed below, with most earning more than $300,000 annually.

If you didn’t choose to pursue a career a medicine all is not lost. Once you reach the top ranks in business your pay starts to skyrocket. Leadership roles in finance, sales, tax, human resources, strategy, supply chain, research and development, marketing, and legal are all alternate routes to a high salary.

Here are the highest paying jobs in America and their media total compensation:

1. Orthopaedic Surgeon – $450,000

2. Cardiologist – $382,000

3. Radiologist – $374,000

4. Plastic Surgeon – $350,000

5. Anesthesiologist – $350,000

6. Emergency Physician – $314,000

7. Senior Vice President, Finance – $300,000

8. Senior Vice President, Sales – $300,000

9. Senior Managing Director – $298,000

10. Vice President, Tax – $272,000

11. Senior Vice President, Human Resources – $272,000

12. Senior Vice President, Strategy – $256,000

13. Vice President, Supply Chain – $255,000

14. Ophthalmologist – $250,000

15. Medical Director – $250,000

16. Vice President, Research & Development – $248,000

17. Senior Vice President, Marketing – $245,000

18. Associate General Counsel – $242,000

19. Investment Banking Associate – $240,000

20. Senior Director, Engineering – $239,000

While medicine has the highest salaries on LinkedIn’s report, finance pays the largest bonuses. Furthermore, if you’re early in your career, you can still make six figures. Both investment banking analysts and associate brand managers have a median income of more than $100,000.

The most lucrative entry and mid-level jobs are in finance, but roles in sales, marketing, and engineering also take spots on the list. If you want to break into the top salary bands, based on the survey data investing in your education is essential.

Looking for an extra incentive to continue your education? LinkedIn’s data shows the more you learn, the more you earn. LinkedIn’s researchers found a positive correlation between years of education and salary. There’s almost a $30,000 salary increase between secondary education and bachelor’s degree, demonstrating the high value of attending a four-year college after high school.

Employees who hold graduate degrees earn 3%-13% more than the average U.S. salary. For example, having an MBA can bump a program director’s salary to double the national average.

For more details check out the LinkedIn State of Salary Report 2017.


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