How to lead yourself to the next level


How do you feel about being a leader? Are you relishing the leadership opportunities that come your way or are you afraid that you don’t have what it takes? Do you feel burdened by too much responsibility or welcome it as part of your ongoing learning journey?

If any of this sounds familiar, then you are hearing The Leader’s Call, which is what I called the inner urge that is moving you to the next level of your leadership experience. So, what can you do about it? Here are four insights to empower you to make the most of the new opportunities that are on the horizon.

Insight 1 – Commitment: moving to the next level
Committing to the next level of your leadership experience is the first move you will need to make. If you are proactive and do your research, use your values as a guide, trust your intuition and connect with people around you, you will move forward into this new opportunity.

Insight 2 – Authenticity: becoming who you are
Be willing to discover yourself, so you can lead from your place of uniqueness. Explore all the aspects of your inner and outer self, and be true to who you really are, rather than an imitation of other leaders. You will become a leader who is honest, real and transparent.

Insight 3 – Learning: developing mastery
Being a committed and authentic leader means taking personal responsibility to keep on learning. Make time to reflect on your experiences and consider what they have to teach you. Broaden your knowledge and expand your skills rather than stick to your usual repertoire. You will grow into a mature leader with presence, influence and the ability to develop others.

Insight 4 – Legacy: sustaining your contribution
Legacy is not just for political leaders or celebrities. Being a leader means that you have the power to make a lasting difference. Learn to take care of yourself so you have the energy to devote to the task. Ensure you have a support network who believe in what you are doing. Be open-minded and communicate with others to see the big picture as well as the detail. Become a leader who leads from a place of generosity and openness, and you will create a legacy that is truly meaningful to you.

Consider these insights

You will hear The Leader’s Call several times during your leadership experience so you can revisit these insights again and again. What are the benefits? They will vary from person to person. For me The Leader’s Call has meant that I am making a contribution to the world that is shaped like me. I feel that my values, feelings, thoughts and actions are in alignment. Arriving at this place has not been easy but it has been worth it!


Post by Grace Owen

Grace Owen is a leadership development consultant. For over twenty years she has developed thousands of leaders from around the world, at non-executive, board, senior, middle, junior and graduate levels, to make a greater impact wherever they are.

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