How to deal with missing out on your dream job


Most of us won’t ever know what it feels like to run for office while the whole world is watching, campaign for months on end, make it to the final two, only to lose out to a less qualified candidate.

But if you’ve ever decided to go after a dream job, made it through the various interview stages and waited for an offer that resulted in a rejection, you’ll know it hurts. Missing out on a job you really, really wanted can be devastating.

If you fail to land a job you wanted more than anything here are four important things to remember.

1. You are still a badass
Remember, no one gets called for interview if they couldn’t do the role. If the role has been advertised you stood out from scores and scores of applicants just to get called to interview. So, kudos to you for making the cut.

2. Don’t get caught up in what worked against you
Try and get constructive feedback from your interviewer and use that only to your advantage. Don’t beat yourself up if you learn the other candidate had more experience, or better presentation skills, or knew the boss of the team. Instead think about where you’ve excelled and how you can best position what you are brilliant at in future job searches.

2. Use the experience as a catalyst
However painful it feels try and use the whole experience as a catalyst. Turn the rejection into something that will propel you forwards versus something that will keep you back. Don’t give up on your dream job, just keep looking for opportunities where you can show your next employer what you can bring to the table.

4. Dream even bigger
Seriously, raise the stakes higher. Don’t let a setback make you think small. Use the insights you’ve gained from interviewing for your dream job to think about what you’d want AFTER you secure that position. There are a million opportunities out there. Maintaining a positive mindset and the determination to go after what you want will ultimately get you where you want to be.


Post by Octavia Goredema @OctaviaGoredema

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