How to be the kind of woman who champions others

How to be the kind of woman who champions others

Earlier this week Ellevest launched a #galentine campaign to spotlight women who are doing amazing things. We were super flattered to be included, but I loved it all the more as their thoughtful idea represented an ethos that means the world to me. Women championing other women.

Having friends at work is great, but having someone who will champion your work is truly amazing. And, if you don’t have a champion in your corner just yet that’s okay because guess what? You can be the champion of others.

I personally have been impacted on certain occasions by women who seemed determined, no matter what, to bring me down. However, I’ll never forget and will forever be thankful to all of the women who’ve gone out of their way to boost me with their support.

Building a career is hard. Be the kind of woman who thrives by amplifying the talent and potential you see in others.

Here are 10 simple ways you can champion other women.

Ask about their goals.

Make an introduction to someone who can help them move forwards.

Be inclusive and positive.

Extend an invite to a meeting or an event they would find valuable.

Recognize their strengths.

Ask their opinion.

Share their accomplishments.

Provide a testimonial.

Suggest an opportunity.

Recommend their work to others.


Post by Octavia Goredema @OctaviaGoredema

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