7 new apps to #HackThePayGap unveiled at the White House

Twenty Ten Talent - 7 new apps to #HackThePayGap unveiled at The White House

Seven new apps designed to help women negotiate higher salaries and close the pay gap were unveiled at a White House event this week.

#HackThePayGap brings together a community of developers, designers, and data scientists from across the United States to use tech to help increase the economic empowerment of women. The statistics driving the initiative are pretty bleak. Across the board, women are overrepresented in the lowest wage professions. Women are paid just 79 cents for every dollar a man is paid. For black women it’s even worse, data shows we earn 60 cents for every dollar a white male earns.

The #HackThePayGap demo day at The White House was the culmination of a two-month hackathon conceived by the United State of Women. Here are a few of our favorites.

BumpAhead helps figure out childcare
After women give birth, our potential future earnings decrease by 5%. BumpAhead helps working mothers making the right childcare decisions based on their location, industry, income level and family structure.

Calculate your personal pay gap
What’s My Pay Gap? uses Commerce Department data to calculate a user’s personal gender pay gap based on characteristics such as race, occupation and age.

Perfect your salary negotiation
Variable Labs introduced a negotiation simulator that can be used on a virtual reality device. The simulator helps interview candidates practice salary negotiation techniques.

Accenture promotes gender pay parity
Accenture demonstrated a prototype aimed at addressing gender diversity and pay gaps for freelancers. Developed by Accenture Labs in Silicon Valley, the goal is to fix hiring process challenges by providing tools including comparable salary data and analytics to help create gender-neutral job descriptions.

For more information on #HackThePayGap visit paygap.pif.gov


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