4 signs you picked the wrong career

If you’ve been at your job for a while and it’s not going at all like you hoped, it may be time to honestly evaluate your situation. It could be that you’ve chosen the wrong career. This can be a demoralizing discovery after years of education and experience, so you want to be sure before you jump ship and seek new employment. Here are just a few signs that you may have picked the wrong career path.

1. You’re always behind

One of the main ingredients for success in your professional life is aptitude. Even if you love basketball, you’re probably not going to do it professionally if you’re knee-high to a grasshopper. Neither should you be an artist if you have no discernable artistic talent. You need to be realistic about where your talents lie.

The trick to finding the right career lies in a marriage of what you’re good at and what you love. Leaning too heavily toward the latter could leave you with the disheartening realization that you’re pursuing a career you’re simply no good at.

2. You hate your life

This is the other side of the coin. What if you’re really, really good at something but you absolutely hate it? Just because you take to math like a duck to water doesn’t mean you want to spend your life in a solitary cubicle, trying to prove theorems. Just because you’ve been playing the violin since the age of four doesn’t mean you want your music scholarship to turn into a lifelong career with the symphony. If you simply can’t stand what you’re doing, it’s time to look for something new.

3. You make yourself sick

Maybe you’ve started calling in sick to avoid going to work, even when you feel okay. Or you’re actually losing sleep, stressing out, and making yourself physically ill over your work situation. If your health is suffering it’s time to take action.  No job is worth sacrificing your mental health and physical well being.

4. You can think of ten things you’d rather be doing

If you frequently find yourself bored, frustrated, or annoyed by your job and you’re constantly daydreaming about being somewhere else, why not take the leap? You might have people telling you all the time you’d be good at something else, and you probably have plenty of interests that you find mentally and emotionally stimulating. Turning these passions into a fulfilling career requires little more than making a choice, and then making a change.

Post by Sarah Harris

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